Get a number from any country make/receive local calls. You can get multiple
numbers and call from any number or receive calls to all numbers on one device.

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About the PhoneApp

PhoneApp was designed to allow businesses and consumers to call locally and internationally without a fixed monthly price. Calls between PhoneApp customers are free, and when calling others you just pay as you go in local rates. All the phone features that exist in a professional phone system you will be able to do on our easy to use PhoneApp without extra cost.

How PhoneApp Can Help You

Call/SMS Anywhere

Now you can call and receive calls and SMS from anywhere on your smart device or on the web. Add as many numbers as needed to run your business/es.

Voice Mail

Each Phone number can have its own voice mail feature, if you missed a call you can listen in to all voice mails that were left to you easily.


Set automatic voice recorded message that will route your customers to different employees in your organization or transfer the call to you and make your company look more professional.

Great Features

Our features include:

  • Buy numbers worldwide
  • Voice mail
  • Send SMS/MMS/Fax
  • Make/receive calls in local rates
  • Live call transfers
  • Call queuing
  • 4K Call quality
  • Record calls
  • Forward calls
  • Set IVR
  • If/Then Call routing
  • Port a number
  • Toll free numbers
  • Smart search
  • Mask calls
  • Reports

Business Owners

Now you can run multiple businesses with only one device. With our call masking feature you will be able to know which business the call belongs to. We even added option to convert incoming calls to a new customer or a lead and you can access the database of your customers and add notes.